Roseville Union High School Class of 1962

Updated 5/29/2021

Welcome from Roseville, California.

RUHS Building

As long as there two or more of us who want to get together, we will continue meeting quarterly after the China Virus is contained to have a bite to eat, plan activities, and just spend some time together. Everyone is welcome to join us.

The next meeting will be at Claim Jumper, 250 Harding Blvd, Roseville at 1:00 pm June 15 [not the first Tuesday] . All former Tigers are invited to join us even if you were not a graduate of 1962.

The rest of 2021 LUNCHEON DATES are 7 September and 7 Decenber.  

We have a Class of 1962 Facebook page - check it out

For you Rocklin kids: Quarry Park Adventures, one of the largest adventure parks in California, opened to the public Saturday, October 13 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Daily Passport tickets went on sale for the first time this week! More information

Consider joining the Alumni Association.
For information on becoming a member of the Alumni Association contact Membership at: or send $10 to ?RHSAA, P0. Box 240, Roseville CA 95678
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There are alumni events listed at: Roseville High School Alumni Pages. Do not go to: which is what comes up if you do a google search for RHSAA.

Alumni Facebook page



Stuff from the 50s. How many do you remember?

Here is a link to the Wikipedia entry for 1962 - Pretty interesting now but I was pretty oblivious to some potentially life altering events going on at the time. To name a few: the Cuban missile crisis, the end of French control of Algeria, and Telstar was launched which began the whole satelite communications network that we take for granted today.

A website dedicated to the year 1962

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow and So It Goes.. 

Dragon Man takes you on a tour of his home and his oldies museum. Guns, Hot Rods and Collectables. 

One of the best presentations of the sixties that I've seen

50's Videos

More Music Videos (thanks to Carl Rasher)

Lost in the Fifties

Dynamite TV from a bygone era

This is a Jukebox that will play all of your favorite songs from 1952 through 1982 ....and it is free. One of the best features is that it will play in the background.

Here are links to the years you were born (Class of 1962) and what was going on: 1943 - 1944 - 1945

Wolfgang's Vault - the archives of Bill Grahams music etc. There is a section on the site that has recorded concerts of every concert/band you can think of starting in the 1960's. The site wants you to register but after that you are golden


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